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Wednesday, 20 April 2011 07:19

CF_logo_Pos_gifThe Caribbean Policy Development Centre  (CPDC) in collaboration with the Commonwealth Foundation hosted a major regional civil society consultation, in Guyana, 28-29 June 2011. The consultation will bring together major players from the civil society sector to discuss key thematic areas. The outputs from the consultation will help to not only inform the civil society position going into Perth , Australia for this year’s  Commonwealth People’s Forum (CPF)  but help to build an agenda for strengthening the sector in the region.


The Commonwealth People’s Forum (CPF) will take place from 25 to 27 October 2011 in Perth, Western Australia and will attract 250 participants from across the Commonwealth. The Forum has three stated aims:

  • To provide opportunities for learning among and between Commonwealth non state actors and civil society;
  • To explore emerging Commonwealth issues and identify innovative, cross-sectoral solutions; and
  • To provide a platform for advocacy within the Commonwealth arena.

The substance of the Forum will be responsive to contemporary Commonwealth themes and it will provide an opportunity for issues that have been raised by civil society in the Commonwealth at various gatherings since the last CHOGM. These will be discussed together with views drawn from regional consultations.  These consultations along with submissions from accredited Commonwealth organisations will inform the development of a civil society statement that will be shared with governments in the lead up to CHOGM and formally presented to them in Perth.

See Background documents, annotated agenda, updated agenda, working group guidelines:

Download this file (CPDC article CPF.pdf)General CPDC article on CPF[1]23 Kb
Download this file (CHOGM_Outcome-Docs_Communique_09_PRINT.pdf)General- CHOGM 2009 Statement[1]1060 Kb
Download this file (CPFStatement2009.pdf)General CPF statement 2009[1]383 Kb
Download this file (ANNOATED DRAFT AGENDA _1_.pdf)Annotated Draft Agenda - June 21st [2]54 Kb
Download this file (Participants List - 23 June 2011.pdf)Participants List - 23 June 2011[2]44 Kb
Download this file (Agenda Final  .pdf)Agenda Final - June 24th [2]230 Kb
Download this file (GUIDELINES FOR WORKING GROUPS (R).pdf)Guidelines Working Group G&D- June 23rd [2]74 Kb
Download this file (PortofSpainClimateChangeConsensus.pdf)Background Climate Change & Environment- CHOGM Statement 2009[3]111 Kb
Access this URL (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRHqWUhtlvY)Background Climate Change & Environment - The Burning Agenda Part 1[3]0 Kb
Access this URL (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwtvNt9u9rc&NR=1)Background Climate Change & Environment - The Burning Agenada Part 2[3]0 Kb
Access this URL (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxdXlIWS_fU&NR=1)Background Climate Change & Environment - The Burning Agenda Part 3[3]0 Kb
Download this file (Regional Framework.pdf)Background Climate Change & Environment- Regional Strategic Framework[3]1368 Kb
Download this file (CPDC Report of CARICOM National Consultations.pdf)Background G &Democracy- Report National Consultations[4]961 Kb
Download this file (CPDC code of Conduct.pdf)Background G &Democracy- Code of Conduct[4]44 Kb
Download this file (Recommended Plan of Action- Governance Workshop.pdf)Background G &Democracy- Recommended Plan of Action Civil Society[4 ]108 Kb
Download this file (Models - GovernanceWorkshop.pdf)Background G &Democracy - Models for Civil Society Government Engagement[4]645 Kb
Download this file (FINAL DRAFT REPORT OF REGIONAL CONSULTATION.pdf)Background G &Democracy- Report Regional Consultation[4]434 Kb
Download this file (learning-from-our-forefathers-norman-girvan.pdf)Background G &Democracy Norman Girvan [4]101 Kb
Download this file (Presentation Josh Drayton.pdf)Presentation G&D - Josh Drayton[4]848 Kb
Download this file (participation writter.pdf)Paper on Participation G&D - Michael Witter [4]85 Kb
Download this file (ronald sanders AddressOnEPGatCPDCmeetingGuyana.docx)Presentation: Eminent Persons Group by Sir Ronald Sanders[4]30 Kb
Download this file (CULTURE &IDENTITY 2 - Ideline Bierten.ppt)Presentation: Culture & Identity by Ideline Burton[4]2227 Kb
Download this file (Presentaition CPDC CF Climate Change_Updated - Garfield Barnwell.ppt)Presentation: Climate Change by Garfield Barnwell[4]1377 Kb
Download this file (GROUP 1.ppt)Working Group 1: Government-Civil Society Engagement: Strategies for Enhancin[4]58 Kb
Download this file (Working Group 3.docx)Working Group 3: Networking and Collaboration: Lessons and Strategies for Wor[4]13 Kb
Download this file (group 4presentation.doc)Working Group 4: Emerging Trends in the Quality of Social Democracy in the Re[4]60 Kb
Download this file (Civil Soc Accountability & Legitimacy  - group 5.doc)Working Group 5: Civil Society Accountability and Legitimacy (Chair: Mr. Mich[4]40 Kb
Download this file (PPT Econ Dev Trade and Fin - Seeraj.ppt)Presentation: Economic Development, Trade & Finance by Dharankumar Seeraj[4]3419 Kb
Download this file (ICT.ppt - Nichelle Layne.ppt)Presentation: ICT OLPF Strategy: Benefits to Edu & Agri. by Nichelle Layne[4]405 Kb
Download this file (Working Group 2.pdf)Working Group 2: Promoting our Added-Value: Strategies for Public Engagement [4]22 Kb
Download this file (Chair'sFinanceMinistersMeetingsummaryFinal(2).pdf)Background ED &Trade and Finance- Report Finance Ministers Meeting 2010[5]79 Kb
Download this file (Caribbean economies.pdf)Background ED &Trade and Finance- C'bb Economies ECLAC [5]428 Kb
Download this file (the_cariforum-eu_epa_-_the_development_component.pdf)Background paper EDT&F- EU/EPA Development Dimension [5]934 Kb
Download this file (Position Paper -Women's Participation...WROC-UNDEF 2011.pdf)Background Gender Equality & Women's Rights- WROC paper [6]1007 Kb
Download this file (perspective LA&C MDGs.pdf)Background Gender Equality & Women's Rights - LA&C MDGs[6]9455 Kb
Download this file (MDGsGender.pdf)Background Gender Equality & Women's Rights MDG Report[6]135 Kb
Download this file (Gem 2008.pdf)Background Gender Equality & Women's Rights - GEM 2008[6]90 Kb
Download this file (guyana women.pdf)Background Gender Equality & Women's Rights - CARICOM Statement[6]241 Kb
Download this file (The_Commonwealth_Lawyer_Aug2006_Vol15_No2[1].pdf)Background Human Rights- Land Rights Article[7]105 Kb

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